About website

Hello dear friends!

     My name is Ruslan and I am glad to welcome you on my website TechLessonS.org. I would like to attract your attentionon my technical text and video tutorials. “What is it for,” you mays ask, “because the Internet is so full of tutorials, why do we need one website more?” This is true, there are a lot of different manuals in the Internet, but, unfortunately, they often become obsolete, contain errors, they do not adapt to the changing conditions, or the readers’ wishes. Therefore, I decided to create a resource that will always be in touch with its readers and will be developing with them. Moreover, I offer bilingual instructions for each lesson, including bilingual video instructions for each lesson, so that you could choose the most convenient way for you to obtain the information.

     The instructions are built in the format of the lesson, so that the reader can understand why it's working that way. That's why my instructions can be used simply for copying to your console of commands, and for thoughtful assimilation of information.

     All parts of the instructions which contain unsuccessful attempts or additional explanations are given can simply be omitted. These parts are hidden in more section.

     It's not a secret that creating an instruction is not so easy, it's like making a movie - not everything comes from the first take. But my instructions are always checked and workable by 100% in accordance with the terms and description. And if you have any questions, you can leave a comment to the instruction, or write me, contact information is here.

I wish you success in mastering the materials!